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zRID, the Zero-Volt VRD solution for Welding Safety
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New welder
First compliant welding machine to meet Mine specifications.
Evolution 130 AMP Welding Machine.
Arc-force, Anti-stick, Hot-start, Lift-arc.
Available from Elite Industrial Equipment or ZRID.Pty.Ltd

News Flash!
zRid Pty. Ltd. is proud to announce:
A Revolutionary Shock Protection Device.
Calibration and maintenance free.
zRID is not a self-start device.

4 in 1
ZRID - Compatable device on all AC or DC welding machines.
Z- Zero volts (OCV)
R- Remote (wireless)
I- Isolation
D- Device (Deadman switch)

Hazard Reduction Device
Low Voltage Device (VRD) - 4 Volt (OCV)
0.3 second cut-out (as per Standard)
One device fits all DC or AC/DC Welders except for HF operation.
Available on customer requests.

Isolation or Reduction?
zRID presents the ultimate in Hazard-reducing devices for welding machines.
Eliminate OCV with zRID (0 Volts)
Reduce OCV with Low Voltage Device (VRD - 4 Volts)

Dead Man Switch
Having difficulty turning on and off your power tools?
Then zrid's new dead man switch is your solution.
Using a mechanical or wireless trigger that can be conveniently placed anywhere to switch on and off your power tools.
Now available for all types of magnetic drills.

New Line Product
Featuring a remote control on/off switch which can be used to control fans, water pumps, fume extractors, lights and power applications, etc.

Welcome to zRID online

zRID, the Zero-Volt solution for Welding Control 
The zRID is a new generation personal protection Deadman device, combining automated isolation switching and hand-piece trigger switches.
This device complies with International Welding Standards IEC 60974.1-2012 and all relevant Standards that have adopted this (ANSI, AS/NZ, SANS, CAN, EN).
Clause 11.1.5b under heading Rated no-load voltage from IEC 60974.1-2012 states:
"Welding power sources shall be, b) fitted with a protection system, which switches off the voltage at the output terminal within 0.3s and shall not be reset automatically".
The ZRID protection system is a RCD (safety switch) on the secondary side (output) of the welding machine.


Being a true Deadman Switch with the assurance that on breaking the weld, the electrode automatically drops to zero-volts and cannot re-strike until reinitiated via the trigger.
A Deadman switch is defined as:
  • "a safety feature integrated into many machines which works to the machine off if the operator experiences a problem." (WiseGeek)
  • "a switch that is automatically operated in case the human operator becomes incapacitated, such as through death or loss of consciousness." (Wikipedia)
The trigger is the most successful hazard control device in history for human hand control.
Hazard Control
The first step in the hierarchy of risk control/management is to eliminate the hazard, which in this case is electricity.
OH&S is the law and it is recommended that the welding machine be switched off every time the welder is not welding, but this can become a tedious task for the welder especially if working in positions above or below ground and far away distances from the machine.
For boilermakers who are exposed to the invisible electrical hazard on a daily basis, greater protection is required.
ZRID, being the first patented technology worldwide, addresses this by providing a zero-volt OCV on the electrode holder. This reduces the electric shock hazard when changing electrodes especially in welding Categories B and C (wet or confined spaces).
Self-Test and confirmation after every weld completion
Accidental arc-ray flashes are present in welding on a daily basis where the welder unexpectedly contacts the workpiece or structure with the electrode. With the ZRID system installed the electrode is 'dead' by automatically de-energising the output of the welding machine when not welding.
This hazard can cause temporary blindness to the welder or observer and over time can lead to a loss of sight. Temporary blindness could result in secondary accidents such as trips, falls, or the live electrode hitting a flammable area/pipe which could have a catastrophic effect.
zRID protects the operator and the workplace when not welding
zRID devices do not dictate the value or produce any full open circuit voltage (OCV), but are designed to switch off existing OCV on welders.

With a manual ON and automatic OFF, the zRID acts to make the machine weld so; it's NOT working when you're not welding.