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Congratulations to Senior Tighe Soccer trainees
Ryan Willams who was invited back for further training with English Professional League side Stevenage in January
Jack Jones who was invited back for futher trials with Fulham and Aston Villa and was given a contract by Stevenage.
Jaedon Ewen for his fast selection for Perth Glory Feeder Youth squad at inglewood 

7.15pm Nedlands Squads Oct 25th 2012 Commencement

Chris Manai
Matthew Kellow
Scott Kellow
Nina trimboli
Aaron Norrish
Dylan Yost
Charlie Gervin
Oscar Jungstedt
Luke Hollyock
Eva Annand
Roberto Rossi
Gerald Randle
Florian Mitteragger

6.15pm Nedlands Squads Oct 25th 2012 Commencement

Ryan Taylor
Jordan verley
James Verheggen
Conor mcCabe
Robbie Harding
Lewis Yost
Luke Martino
Jack Jagger
Conor McElligott
James Warman
Aedan Swan 
Lachlan Yu

5.15pm Nedlands Squads Oct 25th 2012 Commencement

Aiden Mander
Harrison Rickarby
Ryan verley
Liam Potts
Patrick Johnston
Hamish Granger
Monty Atkins
Ethan Teo
Joe Watkins
Dominic Mcleary