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   Tottenham Hotspur Football Club wishes the Aaron Tighe Soccer Academy every success with it's venture in the guidance and education of young football players.    
David Pleat Director of Football Tottenham Hotspur  
 Aaron, Delighted to hear about the Academy, would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success and am sure that you will produce some great young players of the future. Good luck to you all   
Ian Dowie Manager Crystal Palace Football Club  
I am very impressed by what Aaron Tighe has put together. He pays particular attention to the quality of coaching which is required for the development of the young players   
Ron Tindall WA Director of Football and WA Soccer hall of fame inductee
   To the Tighe Soccer Academy, Best wishes February 2005
Ric Charlsworth Author of 'The Coach' 
 Aaron, Good luck with everything regarding the program
Craig Foster SBS Football analyst 

Comments from parents

Hi Aaron

With regards to the value the program brings. First is an experienced ex pro that can show Justin exactly what he wants him to do. Many people that run clinics try to describe to the players what they want when they cant do the moves themselves. Second is someone with real pro experience that can identify what the pros are looking for and help my son achieve that. Third is the cost and location. I always recommend this program to others. D.Wilbanks


Hi Aaron

I have recommended your program to many people.

Why I recommended it?

1. You teach the basic and advance skills clubs assume players have as they don't spend

time on them during normal training. 9 - 12 year olds especially, will gain these skills

more readily than later in life. Like a good golf swing - sooner you start the better.

2. You limit the numbers so its close to 1 to 1 personal training, which is invaluable.

3. My kids love it - they play with other kids who are of a good standard and have fun doing it.

Its not boot camp but neither is it relaxed. Focus is on developing them in to better players.

Regards John


Hi Aaron,

I have found your program to have been of great help in Olivers progress, he is now a lot more comfortable with the ball at his feet because of the confidence in him,. I have and will continue to promote your program to all i meet. I am Quinns under 10 development coach and will be telling all my players about your program. Thanks for your support throughout the season Regards Danny

Hi Aaron

What can i say if it wasn't for your program i am sure Luke would never got into Woodvale soccer school of excellence. I would defiantly recommend your program and i do to all Luke’s football friends down his club. Thanx again Aaron for your great support and training. Thanks John

Hi Aaron

Fun, enjoyment and  doing what he LOVES! Skills learned in a short space of time. There is nothing else like this in Perth, yet it is so valuable. In the 1st season, we are amazed at how much he has picked up!His enthusiasm to try out new skills and apply them in practice training sessions at ECU and indoor games at Bouncers. He is so chuffed with himself when it all comes together.

Thanks for providing such a quality program! We have recommended you to all the soccer friends we know. We cannot wait for the Winter season!

PS. We think that 9 yrs is the perfect age for the children to start as they are like little sponges yet have that little more discipline.

Regards Alan


Hi Aaron

The effort that you put into the sessions is much appreciated and you can see from watching (from the sidelines) the enjoyment and benefit the kids get from your soccer school.

I would rate the top 3 values as follows.



Learning new skills/confidence

I would also not hesitate in recommending Tighe soccer schools to Joshuas friends....

Kind Regards John


Hi Aaron,

Top 3 pros of your coaching (no particular order)- your calm even temperament ,- clear instructions, broken down into constituent parts, - the actual technical content, teaching them stopovers and moves they haven't learnt elsewhere Regards Mark


Hi Aaron,

We are really happy with the program you offer and often recommend it to others. You have an excellent manner with the kids - the program is crammed with a lot of different skills and is fast-paced. I think one of the best things is that although it is only one hour long, it is intense for that one hour and there are a lot of things you teach them which they can translate into game situations. 3 top values 1) you try to get the kids to always push themselves harder and to continually improve 2) team work and 3) encouraging them to practice and have a go using the skills they learn in the game situation. T.Quiskamp.


Hi Aaron,

I think three values the program provides are 1) Discipline 2) Dedication 3) Motivation. I would definitely recommend the program to others and I dont see any areas of improvement. S. Hubbard


Hi Aaron

The three top values the program provides are 1) Skills 2) game play 3) discipline & encouragement. I would recommend the program to others and the feedback reports are FANTASTIC and we have told others about the program. C Penn


Hi Aaron

The three top values the program provides are 1) Discipline 2) Confidence 3)Opportunity and yes I would recommend the program top others. K.Penara


Hi Aaron

The value the program provides is a Fun, relaxed atmosphere with brilliant coaches who bring out the best in the boys.......Zac has grown in confidence since participating with Tighesoccer. We would definitely recommend the program to others. K.Jones


Hi Aaron,

Thanks so much again Jordan loves soccer training with you, its been very good for him once again. The three top values the program provides are 1) Lots of confidence 2) Better ball control and 3) Skills. I would definitely recommend the program to others. M.Upwards


Hi Aaron

The three top values the program provides are 1) Commitment 2) Fair play and 3) Respect. It is very well run and always on time! I would recommend the program to others. H.Hardisty


HI Aaron

The three top values the program provides are 1) Self confidence 2) Improved touch on the ball 3) Improved vision on the field eg; looking for that key pass, reading the play of the game etc. I would recommend the program to others absolutely. N.Cooper


Hi Aaron

As a coach of 6 of the players in the program, I see huge benefits in the skill level of the players involved allowing me to work on other aspects of the game at club practice Mr S. Harrison


Hi Aaron

Impressions from a mum who loves soccer but really knows very little and is also learning a lot! Training is well organised, thoughtfully planned, developmental, varied and fun. Our son is thoroughly enjoying himself and I am most impressed by the improvement in his confidence with his skills and his belief about himself as a player. He enthusiastically looks forward to each session! We are grateful that he has the opportunity to be in the squad. Parent


Hi Aaron

Pearse wouldn't have won the Perth Glory skills competition without the skills he has learned and developed at the TigheSoccer Academy, Thank you R.Mckee


Hi Aaron

The Coaching staff treat each child with respect and have an excellent relationship with all members of the Academy. The children in turn have complete faith in the program. Many thatnks for the sessions and the DVD, the changes were amazing. N.Bennett Parent


Hi Aaron

The development program has had a huge impact on Nathan's skill development and confidence with the ball. He finds the sessions fun and challenging and has been able to take the skills learned successfully into league matches. Mr I. Rawes

Hi Aaron

The Academy has given our kids a more professional approach to sports and a greater opportunity to play at a higher level, Thanks Mr and Mrs Zsilinszky


Hi Aaron

Bradley's skill level and interest in the game have improved greatly since joining the Academy. Mr Craig


Hi Aaron

Jonathon scored two goals on Sunday for his new team Swan I.C. and was chosen man of the match. You have done a fantastic job with him, he is so much more confident since joining the Academy. Once again a very big THANKYOU. Regards Michelle Eldridge


Additional Comments by parents on the 3 main values the program offers


Clear instruction and tuition, relaxed surroundings, uniform unifies students

Commitment, fair play, hard work

Technique, confidence building, discipline, a fantastic building block for the future

Confidence boosting, Skills knowledge, excellent fun coaching, a great program teaching clear quality skills

Communication style and interaction suited to personalities

Stronger personal ability, self confidence, professional attitude, I have seen a large difference in my sons football development since joining the program

Ongoing out of club specialised training

Skills, fitness, discipline

Focused skills training, recognition and self esteem, appreciation and respect for the professional background of the coaches

Emphasis on skill, reading the game, playing in the right spirit, thoroughly enjoyable program that provides a lot of benefit

Ball skills, reading the game, confidence, My son thoroughly enjoys the sessions and his skills have improved immensely

Focused valuable skills technique, discipline, practical match application

Aaron's a great role model for the kids, a very enjoyable valuable program