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zRID, the Zero-Volt VRD solution for Welding SafetyReferences
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New welder
First compliant welding machine to meet Mine specifications.
Evolution 130 AMP Welding Machine.
Arc-force, Anti-stick, Hot-start, Lift-arc.
Available from Elite Industrial Equipment or ZRID.Pty.Ltd

News Flash!
zRid Pty. Ltd. is proud to announce:
A Revolutionary Shock Protection Device.
Calibration and maintenance free.
zRID is not a self-start device.

4 in 1
ZRID - Compatable device on all AC or DC welding machines.
Z- Zero volts (OCV)
R- Remote (wireless)
I- Isolation
D- Device (Deadman switch)

Hazard Reduction Device
Low Voltage Device (VRD) - 4 Volt (OCV)
0.3 second cut-out (as per Standard)
One device fits all DC or AC/DC Welders except for HF operation.
Available on customer requests.

Isolation or Reduction?
zRID presents the ultimate in Hazard-reducing devices for welding machines.
Eliminate OCV with zRID (0 Volts)
Reduce OCV with Low Voltage Device (VRD - 4 Volts)

Dead Man Switch
Having difficulty turning on and off your power tools?
Then zrid's new dead man switch is your solution.
Using a mechanical or wireless trigger that can be conveniently placed anywhere to switch on and off your power tools.
Now available for all types of magnetic drills.

New Line Product
Featuring a remote control on/off switch which can be used to control fans, water pumps, fume extractors, lights and power applications, etc.


Over the last year or so we have been testing a number of Voltage Reduction Devices and have found none that suit our situation in the Water Corporation mainly due to frequent use in water and on rusty pipework. None of which work as well as the ZRID.
Water Corporation
Primepower Engineering has been installing ZRID welding safety devices for approximately 24 months now and we have found them to be very reliable. None of the units installed have been back in the shop for manufacturer defects.
Primepower Engineering

Over the last year at NZAS we have been in the process of adopting the ZRID as a site standard.
We have chosen the ZRID as it gives us a higher level of safety and the people using the welders find it easier to use than VRD protected welders.
Comalco Aluminium Limited
As part of BHP Billiton we had to implement a VRD project on all our welding machines. After extensive testing we opted for what we thought was the better option. The VRD's are frustrating to operate and have a high failure rate.
As an alternative our counterparts recommended we try your product.
BHP Billiton


The product is thought to be an improvement over the present voltage reduction device. The new device is remotely operated, meeting the DPI requirements for the selection of welding control devices. The new device, 'Zero Voltage Reduction Device' (ZVRD) is thought to solve the short comings of the 'Voltage Reduction Device' (VRD).
I recommend RTIO do the same and adopt this device in lieu of any other for welder safety
Rio Tinto

I talked with the operators of the welders and asked how well do the remotes work in the steel hull of the ship and in the open air.
Open air: Good for welding and tacking
In Hull: Good for welding and tacking
Welding in Hull: Down three levels in steel hull with Choke welder on top of ship.
NQEA Australia
While implementing your devices into school welders our students achieved commendable safety results. The exceptional performance of your devices was noted and appreciated. So far we had zero disabling injuries and your company made a significant contribution to our safety programme.
Business Training Centre

Zrid welder- This is the best way of preventing accidental arc strikes and electrical shock for students that I have ever seen. Beginning students are unfamiliar with welding equipment, causing them to be nervous when welding. Some students I have had, particularly girls, are so afraid of getting burned or shocked that this really inhibits what they learn the first few weeks of class. This system helps students to focus more on learning to weld and less on getting shocked or burning their eyes with an arc flash. This in turn helps to prevent accidents and injuries to students, which is every welding instructors number one concern.
KY Tech - USA

We have been using the Z-rid for over 2 years and are very impressed with the Z-rids ability, reliability, as well as, the amount of safety it provides. The Z-rid has allowed our Industrial Department to implement welding at a much earlier stage of the curriculum, allowing students to experience and begin training sooner and reduced all welding incidences to zero. The main benefits that we have identified are:
1. No reported welding flash due to inexperienced operators (for student and teacher)
2. No false starts
3. More student confidence and control
4. An ability to lockout the welders, limiting unauthorised use by student
5. Greater teacher confidence in controlling the hazard
Rockhampton Grammar School

Grinder with double tap switch - This is a very effective way of controlling accidents associated with hand grinders. So many times when using grinders with paddle switches or a standard on/off switch, students will lay the grinder down on a table or other surface and accidently trip the switch causing the grinder to come on and creating a hazard.
KY Tech - USA
We have fitted the RID's to about 6 units now and find them very good.
Our welders find them easy to use.
I run 2 crushing plants for Crushing Services International and we now stipulate that all welding machines that come to site are fitted with these units.
Crushing Services International
I showed our major contractor then units and they were surprised about such a product being out there, especially now they have spent 60K on VRD units for their machines.
Rio Tinto
We have been receiving constant reports of electrical shocks and accidental arc-ray flashes from our welding operators. We will like to install your RID devices on all our welders.
Phoenix welding
We would like to keep this machine a little longer, we have been running tests and are very happy with the results, looks very positive.
Presently the site has adopted this as being a preferred unit for isolation and I have discussed the regulations with WTIA and they have given a good report.
Blue Scope Steel
We could be interested in your RID, we would like to know how we have to plan our MMA inverter welding machine in order to work with your RID.
Electro cf