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zRID, the Zero-Volt VRD solution for Welding SafetyProducts
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New welder
First compliant welding machine to meet Mine specifications.
Evolution 130 AMP Welding Machine.
Arc-force, Anti-stick, Hot-start, Lift-arc.
Available from Elite Industrial Equipment or ZRID.Pty.Ltd

News Flash!
zRid Pty. Ltd. is proud to announce:
A Revolutionary Shock Protection Device.
Calibration and maintenance free.
zRID is not a self-start device.

4 in 1
ZRID - Compatable device on all AC or DC welding machines.
Z- Zero volts (OCV)
R- Remote (wireless)
I- Isolation
D- Device (Deadman switch)

Hazard Reduction Device
Low Voltage Device (VRD) - 4 Volt (OCV)
0.3 second cut-out (as per Standard)
One device fits all DC or AC/DC Welders except for HF operation.
Available on customer requests.

Isolation or Reduction?
zRID presents the ultimate in Hazard-reducing devices for welding machines.
Eliminate OCV with zRID (0 Volts)
Reduce OCV with Low Voltage Device (VRD - 4 Volts)

Dead Man Switch
Having difficulty turning on and off your power tools?
Then zrid's new dead man switch is your solution.
Using a mechanical or wireless trigger that can be conveniently placed anywhere to switch on and off your power tools.
Now available for all types of magnetic drills.

New Line Product
Featuring a remote control on/off switch which can be used to control fans, water pumps, fume extractors, lights and power applications, etc.


General applications:

zRID.Pty.Ltd is a company committed to manufacturing hazard control devices. Featuring a unique device that incorporates wireless technology to eliminate the voltage while not welding. It can also be used to eliminate unnecessary control cable on Tig, Mig, Plasma machines.
New generation of wireless on/off switches can replace mechanical switches that turn on/off water pumps, fans, lights, electric motors, electric solenoids, valves, etc.
The on/off device can be installed in places where mechanical switches will be difficult for the operator to reach or in wet areas where it would protect the operator from possible electrocution when they are required to come into physical contact with on/off switches.
Welder with ZRID
Evolution 130A Welding Machine
The Evolution 130 AMP Welding Machine incorporates a built-in permanent Australian-made and designed Hazard Reduction DEVICE.

IP-23, Anti-stick, Arc-force, Hot-start, Lift-arc, R-5 unit built-in.
Safe for use on generators (recommended min 7KVa)
Genuine 10A Power Rating
Available from Elite Industrial Equipment (02 4937 5575) or ZRID.Pty.Ltd (08 9302 2120)
ZRID units for Welders
Standard Package - R5
Unit without electrode holder
Weight: 200 grams
Dimensions: 70x50x25 mm
One unit to suit all welding applications (Stick, Mig, Tig, Plasma, AC/DC including HF)
Transmitter battery life approx 100,000 presses
Inline isolation welding device with dead-man switch - R4
ZRID device installed internally
Weight: 3.5Kg
Dimensions: 200x200x90 mm
Max Load: 400A
Note: Only to be used in stick operation, No HF
LVD(VRD) option is available on request.



ZRID R4 sensing unit    
500A contactor
Electrode holder
2x trigger
Trigger holder
ZRID R4 sensing unit   
800A contactor
Electrode holder
2x trigger
Trigger holder
Weight:  6 Kg
Size: 30x23x23 cm
Max Load: 500A
Weight:  6.5 Kg
Size: 30x23x23 cm
Max Load: 800A

ZRID R4 sensing unit
500 or 800A contactor
ELCB provided
240V Power sockets*
2x trigger

*3 phase power sockets available
ZRID R5 unit
500 or 800A contactor
ELCB provided
240V Power sockets*
2x trigger

*3 phase power sockets available

Requires 240V connection for
unit to work
9.5 Kg
Size (cm):
Max Load: 500A
10 Kg
Size (cm):
Max Load: 800A
9 Kg
Size (cm):
Max Load: 500A
9.5 Kg
Size (cm):
Max Load: 800A


LVD - (VRD) - R10
(Low Voltage Device)
4 Volts (OCV) when not welding
Hazard reduction device for stick operation only
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Dimensions: 74x49x23 mm
  • For AC/DC machines a toroid ring is needed



Universal power switch / Wireless
Remote on/off switch - R1
  • Can be applied to fans, lights, coil of relay, water pump and other electrical applications
  • Unit requires power supply 12-24V AC/DC
1st press - Power on
2nd press - Power off
PTT (Push To Talk) Switch - R2
Requires holding down of remote/manual switch for operation
* Trigger battery life up to 180 hrs       
RCD/MCB remote control switch - R3
Power Isolation Box 240V AC
  • Single Phase max:20Amp AC output
  • Remote Control on/off switch
  • Isolation switch
  • Clipsal RCD/MCB 20A 30mA trip
  • Combinational power box and remote on/off switching
1st press - Power on
2nd press - Power off
Plug and outlet can be arranged by customers request
Dead-Man Switch for magnectic drills - R6
Can be used in the following applications
  • Magnetic Drills (internally fitted)
Dead-Man Switch - R7
Electronic device for power tools with a power disruption system built in.
Replaces traditional mechanical switches which require strain/force of the fingers to hold the switch in the ON position therefore reducing finger fatigue.
Can be used in
  • Grinders, drills
  • Home appliances
  • Various other control power applications
Input power supply 110-240 VAC
Output power 110-240 VAC
Max current flow 16 A
Activation of tools can be via
  • a micro-switch
  • foot or hand control switch (can be supplied with device)
By customer request the device can be programmed to have double press and hold, triple press and hold, triple press and latch in or a combination of these for activating the power tool. Also if customer requests, device can be supplied with thermo overloading and speed detection sensor.
ZRID Repeater with charger - R-8
  • Used in situations where tranmistter signal may not reach receiver.                   
  • Extends the range by 50m
  • 100-240V AC / 4.2V DC charger
  • Li-Ion rechargable battery cell pack with 1 week continious operation
Dimensions: 200x140x65mm
Weight: 700 grams (without charger)
Shielded extension cord
1.5mm(10 Amp socket and plug)
Maximum lenghts
30m for general use power tools and 20m for motor starts
2.5mm2 (15 Amp socket and plug)
Maximum lengths
30m for general use power tools and 25m for motor starts

Spare parts

  • a) Contactor SW200 12/24 VDC with capacitor                                        
  • b) Electrode holder
  • c) Switch holder
  • d) Top transmitter casing
  • e) Bottom transmitter casing
  • f) Transmitter battery CR2032 3V
  • a) External Antenna
  • b) Toroid sensor - used on AC machines
  • c) Reed Switch - used only on DC machines
  • d) Missile Switch