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zRID, the Zero-Volt VRD solution for Welding SafetyBenefits
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New welder
First compliant welding machine to meet Mine specifications.
Evolution 130 AMP Welding Machine.
Arc-force, Anti-stick, Hot-start, Lift-arc.
Available from Elite Industrial Equipment or ZRID.Pty.Ltd

News Flash!
zRid Pty. Ltd. is proud to announce:
A Revolutionary Shock Protection Device.
Calibration and maintenance free.
zRID is not a self-start device.

4 in 1
ZRID - Compatable device on all AC or DC welding machines.
Z- Zero volts (OCV)
R- Remote (wireless)
I- Isolation
D- Device (Deadman switch)

Hazard Reduction Device
Low Voltage Device (VRD) - 4 Volt (OCV)
0.3 second cut-out (as per Standard)
One device fits all DC or AC/DC Welders except for HF operation.
Available on customer requests.

Isolation or Reduction?
zRID presents the ultimate in Hazard-reducing devices for welding machines.
Eliminate OCV with zRID (0 Volts)
Reduce OCV with Low Voltage Device (VRD - 4 Volts)

Dead Man Switch
Having difficulty turning on and off your power tools?
Then zrid's new dead man switch is your solution.
Using a mechanical or wireless trigger that can be conveniently placed anywhere to switch on and off your power tools.
Now available for all types of magnetic drills.

New Line Product
Featuring a remote control on/off switch which can be used to control fans, water pumps, fume extractors, lights and power applications, etc.


Eliminating foot pedals and mechanical cut-out switches

Eliminating cables, plugs, sockets and mechanical switches

Traditional system

ZRID system

  • Operator has direct control over weld initiation (i.e. no false starts) and gives full power at start up.
  • Eliminates all electrical maintenance costs on control cables, mechanical switches, amphenol plugs and sockets.
  • Eliminates breakdown time, parts replacement and increases productivity.
  • Acting as a deadman switch therefore complying with all welding categories A, B & C and eliminates other inline devices (switches) and extra men (observer).
  • Reduces Repetitive Strain injury (R.S.I), which is caused by holding down a mechanical trigger for long periods of time.
  • Reducing the electric shock hazard when changing electrodes.
  • Self tested device, every time the arc is broken.
  • Can be installed on all AC/DC arc machines such as Stick, Mig, Tig HF, Plasma, etc.
  • Eliminates accidental arc ray eye burn hazard, which reduces absence from work and medical costs to employer.
  • Can be used for underwater welding without extra communication equipment.
  • Multi positional trigger used on handle, or it can be removed and operated by an observer.
  • Transmitter has three operational action modes: instantaneous, time delay or double press via DIP switch selection on transmitter PC Board for personal safety or to comply with local standards.
  • Excellent tools for all mines sites, shipyards, training centres, industrial welding and maintenance areas, water corporation, all pipelines and underwater welding control systems.
  • ZRID Devices are individually coded for machine separation.
  • Zero volts on the electrode holder and welding cable during non-arcing operations - reducing welding hazard.
  • Not a self start device.
  • Certified C-Tick and radio transmission approved to be used on all welding machines.
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) tested and approved SIL1 reliability performance - requires less than one dangerous failure per 100,000 hours.
  • Independently tested and approved by N.A.T.A.
  • ZRID wireless system does not require any bypass switches.
  • Wireless Trigger eliminates all secondary control circuits and cables.
  • No restriction in cable length due to no voltage-drop considerations.
  • Decrease of welding accidents, which requires paperwork such as accident reports, insurance claims, etc.
  • Easy to retrofit.
  • In confined spaces no need for a plastic bucket for electrode holder as welding system is switched off.
  • Freedom to put electrode anywhere without causing accidental spark/flash - eliminate a hazard.
  • Does not change the characteristics or damage the electrical boards of a welder.
  • Does not require any maintenance, testing or calibration, it is a self-testing device each time the arc is broken.
  • Transmitter does not have a cyclic operation (Deadman switch) can be operated by welder or assistant either by hand or foot.
  • New technology with an Australian and International patent.
  • Complies and exceeds Australian Standards 3195 and AS/IEC Standards 60974.1
  • Fail-Safe it's a isolation device (switch).
  • Device acts like a lock-out preventing unauthorised person from using welder when trigger is removed.
    ZRID products save you money in your everyday work.
    Safety and control in your hands when using ZRID products.